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10 Words The Simpsons Made Famous

10 Words The Simpsons Made Famous

After hundreds of episodes—and with no end in sight—The Simpsons has changed the way we talk to one another. Here are 10 words that the show has made famous, either by inventing them or re-purposing them to make us laugh, think, and then laugh again. CromulentCromulent is a word created by Simpsons writer David X. Cohen, who would go on to co-develop Futurama with Matt Groening. No matter its origins, The Simpsons was responsible for making it one of the 20 words that defined the 2000s, according to BBC News online. Still, after being said at least 23 times on The Simpsons, yoink has become the word of choice to make light of a situation when someone's property is being taken.

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