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11 Animals You Wouldn't Expect to Glow

11 Animals You Wouldn't Expect to Glow

But at least we can use blacklights to recognize the biofluorescent beasts who lay hidden in our midst—including these 11 animals you’d never suspect. Nobody knows what purpose (if any) the squirrels' biofluorescence serves. CoralsThey may look like plants, but corals are animals—and some are biofluorescent animals housing symbiotic algae that supply them with nutrients. When ornithologist Jamie Dunning shone a UV light onto the corpse of one bird in 2018, some of the ridges on its bill glowed neon blue. Unlike all the other nocturnal animals with biofluorescence, the springhare is an Old World placental mammal—the first known species within this group to glow.

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