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11 Landmarks 'Built' by Paul Bunyan

11 Landmarks 'Built' by Paul Bunyan

Tall tales don't get much taller than North America's most beloved lumberjack, Paul Bunyan. His larger-than-life adventures often included his similarly gigantic wife and children along with Babe the Blue Ox. According to folklore, during their travels, this clan constructed some of the continent's most breathtaking rivers, mountains, and canyons. The Mississippi RiverOne day, as Paul was leading Babe down a treacherous road with a heavy tank of water in tow, the container sprung a leak. The 10,000 LakesWhile trekking through Minnesota one winter, Paul and Babe left a myriad of gigantic footprints, known throughout the state as the “Ten Thousand Lakes” to its modern denizens.

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