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11 Terrible Realities of Celebrating Your Birthday

11 Terrible Realities of Celebrating Your Birthday

For all my fellow hermits out there, here are 11 terrible realities of celebrating birthdays when you’d rather just forget about the whole thing. When people tell me how I should celebrate my birthday… pic.twitter.com/cMXQHh9oOJ — maïka morin (@maikamorin) July 26, 20206. Facebook now lets you say 'happy birthday' with a video message http://t.co/Ua3iIilcJZ pic.twitter.com/6GnGUG0hPZ — TNW (@thenextweb) October 8, 20158. The problem isn’t birthdays in general, it’s specifically your birthday. i hate celebrating my own birthday but as soon as my best friend’s birthday hits it’s just pic.twitter.com/ULIs09USdy — t e r r i s (@loserrsclubb) October 9, 201810.

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