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12 Riddles People Just Love to Tell

12 Riddles People Just Love to Tell

If so, you would feel at home with these 12 people, who jumped at the chance to share their favorite stumper on Reddit – and now we all know 12 more great riddles, too. Answer: The man is a widower whose wife died on a holiday in the past. The man and his wife made it onto a lifeboat with a few other survivors and washed up on a deserted island. One can cross in 1 minute, one can cross in 2 minutes, one can cross in 5 minutes, and one can cross in 10 minutes. The 1 min and 2 min go together (2 min), the 1 min comes back (1 min) and sends the 5 min and 10 min together (10 min), the 2 min comes back with the light (2 min) and brings the 1 min with him (2 min).

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