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30 Delightful Puns From the Victorian Era

30 Delightful Puns From the Victorian Era

You’ll find it in Puniana, the most riotous collection of Victorian puns you could hope to read. “A large number of the puns, of course, present the usual anomaly of being good, because they are so bad,” reads one 1867 review of the book. “Joke books tended to be quite varied,” Dr. Bob Nicholson, Reader in History at Edge Hill University and an expert on Victorian humor, tells Mental Floss. So, without further ado, here are 30 of Puniana’s hilarious—or hilariously bad—conundrum puns that might make you the best-guessed guest at your next bash. Because all his works are wicked, and all his wicked works, when brought to light, are only made light of.

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