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50 Things Turning 50 In 2021

50 Things Turning 50 In 2021

Here are 50 people, places, things, and events celebrating their own 50th birthday in 2021. After Walt's death in 1966, his brother Roy O. Disney continued the search and also insisted that the name of the theme park be changed from Disney World to Walt Disney World to act as a remembrance of his brother. Arquivo Nacional, Public Domain // Wikimedia CommonsOn January 11, 1971—three months after her death from a heroin overdose—Janis Joplin’s second and final studio album, Pearl, was released. George Chernilevsky, Public Domain // Wikimedia CommonsIt’s poetic that floppy disks and email were invented the same year. Evan-Amos, Public Domain // Wikimedia CommonsUntil flavor icons Count Chocula and Franken Berry came along, there were no chocolate or strawberry cereals available to buy.

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