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6 Things Once Banned From the White House

6 Things Once Banned From the White House

Although it’s endured a fire, structural damage, and major renovations, the White House has—more or less—stood in the same spot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since John Adams became the first occupant in 1800. Public ConcertsIn today’s heightened state of domestic security, it’s hard to imagine the White House once allowed Washington, D.C., residents to freely gather on the South Lawn for a concert. SmokingIn the 1980s, Nancy Reagan placed ashtrays at the White House dinner table as a courtesy to invited guests who might want to take a post-meal puff. But as the White House hostess, credit (and blame) has shifted to Lucy. CAMERASIt wasn’t until 2015 that visitors to the White House were allowed to take pictures during tours.

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