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7 Pro Tips for How to Improve Your Skee-Ball Game

7 Pro Tips for How to Improve Your Skee-Ball Game

Whether you want to turn pro or are just looking for an advantage when you play on a night out, here are some tips to improve your game. The original Skee-Ball games were 32 feet long, but those were lost to history, says Thaddeus Cooper, “Skee-storian” and author of Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball, the seminal history of Skee-Ball. But if you don’t have a tape measure handy, here's a hint: Every Skee-Ball lane has a window on the ball return. According to Elan Footerman, a national champion Skee-Ball player known as \"The Skee-Ball Kid,\" every golf course has its own idiosyncrasies, and the same goes for Skee-Ball lanes. Later, Skee-Ball balls were made of glue and compressed sawdust.

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