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7+ Resume Tips From a Fortune 100 Recruiter

7+ Resume Tips From a Fortune 100 Recruiter

resume tips I have learned as a recruiter at a fortune 100 company (targeted towards college students), a thread: — Sliz (@slizagna) February 2, 2021That’s where these 7+ tips from @slizagna will come in handy, so get your notebook and pen ready to jot them down. The only thing it does is discount you and lower your chances of being selected over higher GPA candidates — Sliz (@slizagna) February 2, 20214. We don’t know how long you are going to take please please please put your graduation date. ☺️ — Sliz (@slizagna) February 3, 2021She also suggests contacting this company if you want more tailored help or answer to specific questions. If you’ve got some great resume tips that work, share them with us in the comments!

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