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8 Creative Ways People Kept Cool Before Air Conditioning

8 Creative Ways People Kept Cool Before Air Conditioning

It’s therefore no surprise that people have come up with a range of ingenious, harebrained, and sometimes grim but often remarkable ways to stay cool during a summer scorcher. Reg Speller/Stringer/Getty ImagesAnother president interested in keeping cool was William Howard Taft, who had a “sleeping porch” erected on the roof of the White House in 1910. Kailash Kumar/iStock via Getty ImagesThe Indian subcontinent gave the world another refreshing idea for keeping cool in the searing heat: drinking buttermilk. Not Stressing About the HeatTo physically keep cool, people were advised to mentally keep their cool. “Much may be done by living sober, orderly lives: not hurrying about our duties, taking life as easily as possible, quietly, not being excited, keeping cool,” he said.

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