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Crow vs. Raven: What’s the Difference?

Crow vs. Raven: What’s the Difference?

Crows and ravens are both all-black, smart, social members of the genus Corvus that’ll eat anything from dead animals to garbage. In other words, comparing them is less apples-to-oranges and more apples-to-other-apples; so it can be a little difficult to figure out if the bird perched on your fence is a raven or a crow. Crows make a higher-pitched, lighter noise that sounds like they’re saying “Caw!” A raven’s call, meanwhile, is a lower, more guttural croak. But unless you’re looking at a crow and a raven side by side, this might not be much help. A crow’s tail is shaped like a hand fan, while a raven’s tail feathers don’t spread nearly as much—they look more like a diamond.

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