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Gardening by Design

Gardening by Design

Getting it all sorted out by springtime can be a challenge, but you can take a shortcut with a preplanned garden. When you buy a preplanned garden, you'll still have to dig a few holes next spring, but you will not have to second-guess yourself. Professionally preplanned gardens take all these things into consideration and solve a lot of existing problems, too. High Country Gardens, which offers 20 preplanned designs and the plants to go with them, introduced a water-wise garden design, with 27 drought-resistant plants, in the late 1990s. SOURCES-- Check out preplanned garden designs from: Bluestone Perennials (bluestoneperennials.com), High Country Gardens (highcountrygardens.com), American Meadows (americanmeadows.com) and other mail-order specialists.

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