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McDonald’s China Launches a Sundae Doused in Chili Sauce

McDonald’s China Launches a Sundae Doused in Chili Sauce

That said, it can still be hard to imagine sometimes that anyone would enjoy something like spicy chili sauce over their ice cream. It’s called a youpo lazi sundae, and is basically McDonald’s soft serve ice cream doused in a sweet and spicy chili sauce…a lot of it. And of course, the availability of this strange little treat is dependent on McDonald’s soft serve machines being in good working order, so even the people who do want to slurp it down will only be able to around 40% of the time. Add that to ice cream, and maybe it’s a winner winner chicken dinner after all. That said, you can probably replicate it in your own kitchen without too much trouble – it won’t be the authentic chili sauce, but at least you know whether or not you have ice cream in the freezer.

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