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Saying ‘No’ to Exotic Pets

Saying ‘No’ to Exotic Pets

DEAR READERS: Some people think it is great to own an exotic or wild animal, until they learn it will never become a true “pet.”These animals often die in captivity, with no local veterinary expertise available. Animals that are released can spread diseases to indigenous species, out-compete with them for food and disrupt natural ecosystems. It is therefore up to us citizens to “vote with our dollars” and refuse to purchase an “exotic” or wild animal. To argue that there are educational benefits for children in purchasing wild and exotic animals is another rationalization for consumerism devoid of compassion and understanding. The AVMF will serve as your charitable ‘umbrella,’ capable of accepting donations and dispersing payments directly to you for the charitable care you provide.”Visit vccfund.org to learn more.

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