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The Royal Rundown on King Henry VIII's Children

The Royal Rundown on King Henry VIII's Children

Henry, Duke of Cornwall (January 1511–February 1511)On New Year’s Day 1511, the Tudor court erupted in celebration as Katherine of Aragon gave birth to a son. He was given the surname Fitzroy, meaning “son of the king.” Henry was the only illegitimate child King Henry recognized as his own, though rumors of more persisted. King Henry awarded his son numerous titles, making him Duke of Richmond and Somerset as well as a Knight of the Garter. William Scrots, Wikimedia Commons // Public DomainOn October 12, 1537, King Henry at long last had his legitimate male heir. Mary I (1516–1558)Queen Mary I. Antonis Mor, Wikimedia Commons // Public DomainBorn on February 18, 1516, Mary was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII’s first wife, the formidable Katherine of Aragon.

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