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What We've Learned This Month

What We've Learned This Month

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are start out looking at the rather curious phenomenon of the average of your friends being happier, wealthier, and more successful than you. Next up we have a brief message from our sponsor Backblaze and unlimited automatic backup service for just $6 a month. http://backblaze.com/brainfoodshowNext up, we discuss how much caffeine it would take to kill you as well as the general healthy upper limit to intake daily. On another note, if you could do us a huge favor and rate and review this show in whatever podcasting platform you’re using (including hopefully giving us some feedback related to the new format), we would be extremely grateful. Don’t miss future episodes of this podcast, subscribe here: iTunes | Spotify | Google Play Music | Stitcher | RSS/XMLYou can also find more episodes by going here: The BrainFood Show

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