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10 Famous Authors and Their Unfinished Manuscripts

10 Famous Authors and Their Unfinished Manuscripts

What do we do when an author dies with their work unfinished? And while some authors have asked for unfinished work to be destroyed, doing so just might deprive the world of a treasure. Read on for several examples of unfinished manuscripts from famous authors—some of which you might not have known were technically incomplete. Virgil // The AeneidAn epic poem set in the years after the Trojan War, The Aeneid was left unfinished when its author, Virgil, died in 19 B.C.E. Mark Twain // The Mysterious StrangerAt his death in 1910, Twain left behind three unfinished manuscripts of three different but related stories—\"The Chronicle of Young Satan,\" \"Schoolhouse Hill,\" and \"No.

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