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11 Awesome Animal Kingdom Moms

11 Awesome Animal Kingdom Moms

Mother’s Day might sound human-centric, but there are plenty of moms out in the wild who exhibit excellent parenting skills. African ElephantsElephant moms are pregnant for a significant amount of time—22 months—and give birth to gigantic babies (elephant calves clock in around 200 pounds!). Moms will then protect the eggs for as long as necessary—scientists even observed one deep-sea octopus protecting her eggs for a record-breaking 53 months. Great HornbillsKoalas aren’t the only animal moms that rely on poop for parenting—great hornbills also use it, but for a different reason. Hornbills lay their eggs in hollowed-out trees, with mama hornbills staying behind to protect the eggs while papa hornbills go out for food.

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