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11 Fun Gifts for an Amateur Naturalist

11 Fun Gifts for an Amateur Naturalist

Here are 11 gifts to delight the amateur naturalist in your life. The Naturalist’s Notebook; $16Storey Publishing, LLC/AmazonThis notebook lets your amateur naturalist become the expert of their own backyard or favorite park. This field guide will help the amateur naturalist in your life learn to recognize the scat and tracks of nearly 150 North American animals. Help your amateur naturalist create their own native plant garden—or any garden—with this set from Scuddles, which includes key tools like a trowel, weeder, and gloves, all tucked within a handy tote. (Just make sure you caution your amateur naturalist to stick to admiring the feathers where they found them—collecting the feathers of many native North American birds without a permit is prohibited.)

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