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12 Delicious Doughnuts From Around the World

12 Delicious Doughnuts From Around the World

By the 17th century, Polish Jews were including the doughnuts, then called paczki (Polish) or ponchiks (Yiddish), in Hanukkah festivities. Vichai Phububphapan // iStock via Getty Images PlusThese golden-fried sticks are a popular breakfast treat in China and are often paired with soy milk. sansubba/iStock via Getty Images PlusIn Nepal, this hoop-shaped sweet bread is a celebratory food enjoyed during the festivals of Tihar and Dashain as well as on special occasions. EunikaSopotnicka/iStock via Getty Images PlusThis puffy fried bread is popular in East Africa and Zanzibar, as a snack or part of breakfast. iaanCoetzee/iStock via Getty Images PlusThere are two versions of this South African doughnut—whose name is derived partly from the Dutch word koekje—and each reflects a different culture.

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