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15 Facts About History's Most Popular Girl Groups

15 Facts About History's Most Popular Girl Groups

Like \"boy bands,\" \"girl groups\" is one of those musical genres that’s difficult to define, but has had an incredible influence on pop music through the years. Here are 15 fascinating facts about girl groups through the decades. Black girl groups ruled the 1960s, and that decade was also the era when girl groups really began to get a foothold as a genre. The Spice Girls repackaged the “alternative” Riot Grrrl for a mainstream audienceLike the ’80s girl groups before them, The Spice Girls were influenced by the workings of a much more underground music scene. It wasn’t exactly girl power, but it reflected a messy but real part of real life (see also: Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.”) And perhaps that’s one of the things that girl groups, at every turn, have always done best.

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