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20 TV Shows You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

20 TV Shows You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Even for adults who enjoy close relationships with their parents, an unexpected sex scene in the middle of a show can be uncomfortable if they’re mere feet away from you. Netflix’s Bridgerton, for example, is ostensibly a highly stylized series about well-to-do socialites during the Regency era. Considering that classic Regency romances—like all Jane Austen adaptations—mostly comprise glances, waltzes, and the occasional chaste kiss, it seems like Bridgerton would be a safe option to watch with parents. According to a survey from UK-based retailer OnBuy, 81 percent of all 3255 participants deemed the series too awkward to watch with parents. The sex and nudity in other shows on the list, like Game of Thrones and Outlander, have been referenced frequently enough that most people know what they’re signing up for if they decide to watch with parents.

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