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5 Maurice Sendak Stories You Should Read

5 Maurice Sendak Stories You Should Read

While Where the Wild Things Are is Maurice Sendak’s best known book, it’s not his only notable one. Here are five other Sendak masterpieces you should read. Chicken Soup with RiceTeachers use this story—in which kids sip chicken soup with rice every month of the year, as described in rhyming verse—to teach younger students about poetry (and, probably, about how delicious chicken soup with rice is). In the 2009 documentary Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak, the author—who was a very young child when the kidnapping occurred—spoke about how the event influenced him and the book. The Christian Science Monitor dubbed it “a classic … A beautiful, meaningful book for any young child who can read or be read to with comprehension.

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