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7.3 Billion People, One Building — Wait But Why

7.3 Billion People, One Building — Wait But Why

We’ve talked about rich humans and famous humans and baby humans and dead humans and humans from all over the world. But before we ask all 7.3 billion humans to stop what they’re doing so I can arrange and bunch them together at my whim, let’s discuss the number 7.3 billion. 7.3 billion humans in one-dimensional configurationsThe first activity today will be putting all humans in a single file line. The world’s median age is 29, and the youngest billion humans tend to be quite little. Specifically:Manhattan could fit 590 million peopleBrooklyn could fit 1.38 billion peopleQueens could fit 2.83 billion peopleThe Bronx could fit 1.09 billion peopleStaten Island could fit 1.51 billion peopleSo let’s try it.

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