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Cat Vet Group Says: No More Elective Declawing

Cat Vet Group Says: No More Elective Declawing

DEAR READERS: Please read this announcement from the American Association of Feline Practitioners regarding the group’s policy on elective declawing procedures:The AAFP “is proud to announce a policy update ending elective declawing procedures (onychectomy) for felines in all designated Cat Friendly Practices. The AAFP and the International Society of Feline Medicine established the Cat Friendly Practice program as a global initiative elevating care for cats. Many regions throughout the world, including portions of North America, have banned declawing procedures unless there is a necessary medical reason. With proper education provided by CFPs, cat caregivers will have a better understanding of the procedure and potential risks associated with it.”The AAFP has also developed a Claw Friendly Educational Toolkit (catvets.com/claw-friendly-toolkit), and the group’s Cat Friendly Homes website contains educational resources on the topic for cat caregivers (catfriendly.com/scratching). DEAR DR. FOX: I put a shelter in my yard for a stray cat, who seemed to be quite old.

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