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How Lava Lamps Are Protecting You from Hackers

How Lava Lamps Are Protecting You from Hackers

That’s where cybersecurity companies like San Francisco based Cloudflare come in, bringing a very unique perspective to data encryption. So it’s fascinating to learn that Cloudflare has a pretty unique method for generating random encryption code to protect those sites: a wall of lava lamps. The wall features over 100 lava lamps, spanning a variety of colors, and its random patterns deter hackers from accessing data. Well it turns out:As the lava lamps bubble and swirl, a video camera on the ceiling monitors their unpredictable changes and connects the footage to a computer, which converts the randomness into a virtually unhackable code. Since any kind of external disturbance affects the lamps, increasing the randomness of their patterns, the company has no problem with visitors coming to gawk.

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