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How Much Help with Grad School Is Enough?

How Much Help with Grad School Is Enough?

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My son is going back to school to get his master’s in psychology, which, as he and his dad explain, he needs to get very far in such a competitive field. I’m all for his going back to school and have told him that if he needs, he can move back into my basement apartment, where he lived for a few months after he graduated the first time. My ex-husband has told our son that he doesn’t see why we can’t help him with the tuition as well. FEEL LIKE I’M DOING ENOUGHDEAR FEEL LIKE I’M DOING ENOUGH: Based on what you shared, I’m on your side. If your ex-husband is able and willing to kick in some money towards the other expenses, then that can be his way of offering support to your son.

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