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Idea Labs and Echo Chambers — Wait But Why

Idea Labs and Echo Chambers — Wait But Why

In an Idea Lab, conviction is used sparingly and with caution—because conviction levels in an Idea Lab are used as “degree of certainty” stamps. When you float upwards on the Knowledge-Conviction graph, Idea Lab culture pulls you back down to the tightrope.3Or, depicted far more hilariously: People in an Idea Lab are like this squirrel trying to get to a bird feeder, and Idea lab culture “greases the arrogance pole.”All of these forces combine together to make an Idea Lab a big magnet on top of our ladder. One of the coolest properties of an Idea Lab is its ability to play nicely with other Idea Labs and seamlessly meld together with them into larger Idea Labs. How Echo Chambers affect individualsTo understand how Echo Chambers work, just think about how Idea Labs work and then imagine the opposite. As we discussed earlier, Idea Labs merge seamlessly together with other Idea Labs, because while micro-divided in their viewpoints, they’re macro-united by common values like civility and truth.

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