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In 2021 you can reach us on WhatsApp

In 2021 you can reach us on WhatsApp

In 2021 you can reach us on WhatsApp18 January 2021 | Thom Callan-RileyIn September 2020 Full Fact launched a pilot WhatsApp service aiming to tackle misinformation on the platform. It’s particularly hard to combat misinformation on a platform like WhatsApp because the network is entirely private and peer-to-peer. We heard from many people who were seeing these messages shared on family and friend WhatsApp groups, and from individuals who wanted to make sure they weren’t spreading misinformation themselves. We have seen many videos circulating on WhatsApp that have already been flagged and even deleted from Facebook still being shared on WhatsApp with no warnings. Due to the success of the pilot, we will be continuing our WhatsApp service in 2021 too.

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