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Is it pronounced \"Jif\" or \"Gif\"?

Is it pronounced \"Jif\" or \"Gif\"?

Yet despite 30 years of fierce debate, controversy, and division, we are still no closer to a definitive answer: is it pronounced “gif” or “jif’? “Graphics” has a hard G, so G-I-F must be pronounced “ghif.” Case closed, right? Nonetheless, even when these differences are corrected for, hard G still narrowly beats out soft G by 44 to 32%. The shorter version of the name, calling a wiki just “wiki” instead of “Wiki Wiki” came about because Cunningham’s first implementation of WikiWikiWeb named the original cgi script “wiki”; all lower case and abbreviated in the standard Unix fashion. People latched on to this and simply called it a “wiki” instead of a “Wiki Wiki”.

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