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LEAD STORY -- News That Sounds Like a Joke

LEAD STORY -- News That Sounds Like a Joke

The boxes, called GreenPees, resemble planters, according to CNN, and the hemp filters inside turn urine into an organic fertilizer and water that feed the plantings on top. During initial trials in 2018, inventor Richard de Vries said, \"there was a 50% reduction in wild peeing. For his next project, de Vries is researching how electricity can be generated whenever someone pees into one of his GreenPees. [CNN, 8/21/2020]BeliefsNguyen Van Chien, 92, from a village in the southern Mekong Delta in Vietnam, hasn't had a haircut in almost 80 years. Ghost Cruise Tours offers 2 1/2-hour trips to a socially distanced 30 passengers at a time, and has become a hit.

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