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Most Haunted Roads

Most Haunted Roads

Driving down one of these dark roads at night. Prospector’s Road // Garden Valley, CaliforniaDriving along this hilly, three-mile stretch of road is not for the faint of heart: It’s supposedly haunted by the spirit of a tall, bearded prospector who was murdered after he drunkenly bragged about his claim. Sandhill Road // Las Vegas, NevadaThe flood tunnels beneath Sandhill Road between Olive Avenue and Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas are said to be haunted by a dead couple. The road is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a Voodoo priestess. Ortega Ridge Road // Montecito, CaliforniaThis road is haunted by Las Ters Hermanas, or The Three Sisters—three nuns who, it’s said, were murdered more than a century ago.

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