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So What Happens After You Flush?

So What Happens After You Flush?

From there, it enters ever larger pipes on its way towards a wastewater treatment plant with many connections along the way. For a reference of the scale here, the city of Boston is estimated to have just under 60,000 miles (100,000 km) of sewer pipes all feeding into their wastewater treatment plants. On that note, if you are flushing literally anything but toilet paper or your expulsions down the toilet, your wastewater treatment plant operators think you’re kind of worse than the douche you flushed. Doesn’t mean you should wipe your butt with one and flush it. So what happens is all those baby wipes, and facial wipes, and Clorox bleach wipes and whatever makeup stuff that people flush – tampons, condoms, everything – it comes to the plant.

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