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Stretch Pants Lifestyle

Stretch Pants Lifestyle

“These are athletic stretch pants!”My hiking stretch pants look nothing at all like the stretch pants I just took off because they are not bell-bottoms and they don't have pockets. These stretch pants are not as tight as the stretch pants with pockets, and they are a bit heavier, which is nice on a cool night. I wouldn’t wear the tight stretch pants that I wear on my hike and dogs jump all over, nor would I need anything as substantial as my casual evening stretch pants. So now I move through my day, from one pair of stretch pants to the next, marking the movement of the sun across the sky like a sundial by changing into a different pair of stretch pants -- pants that might appear (to the untrained eye) strikingly similar in appearance. But it does seem like a bit of a shame since I just perfected my stretch pants lifestyle.

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