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The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 2

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 2

And in the scheme of the intelligence range we’re talking about today, or even the much smaller range among biological creatures, the chimp-to-human quality intelligence gap is tiny. Now imagine that you made a spider much, much smarter—so much so that it far surpassed human intelligence? In this way, AI boosts the case for what I called, in my Fermi Paradox post, Camp 1. ASI Turry knew humans better than humans know themselves, so outsmarting them was a breeze for her. Vincent C. Müller and Nick Bostrom – Future Progress in Artificial Intelligence: A Survey of Expert OpinionMoshe Y. Vardi – Artificial Intelligence: Past and FutureRuss Roberts, EconTalk – Bostrom Interview and Bostrom Follow-UpStuart Armstrong and Kaj Sotala, MIRI – How We’re Predicting AI—or Failing ToSusan Schneider – Alien MindsStuart Russell and Peter Norvig – Artificial Intelligence: A Modern ApproachTheodore Modis – The Singularity MythGary Marcus – Hyping Artificial Intelligence, Yet AgainSteven Pinker – Could a Computer Ever Be Conscious?

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