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The Cancer Pandemics Spread By Bites and Mosquitoes

The Cancer Pandemics Spread By Bites and Mosquitoes

This aptly named Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease quickly spread from devil to devil and today over 95% of the entire species will ultimately find themselves infected at some point in their lives. If that didn’t make the Tasmanian devils unlucky enough, bizarrely, in 2014 a second, distinct strain of the cancer developed and is now also being transmitted. As to the transmission, this is almost always transmitted sexually, with the tumor cells infecting the male dog’s Mr. Later analysis showed the cancer cells came from the organ donor, who had unknowingly had breast cancer when she died of a stroke. So if this has happened in the past on numerous occasions and has been a thing with certain animals, why hasn’t there ever been a transmitable human cancer pandemic?

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