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The Origin of the Word \"Condom\"

The Origin of the Word \"Condom\"

Rice asks: Why do we call condoms, “condoms”? Established monikers notwithstanding, the origin of the word “condom” remains a matter of some historical uncertainty. Paul Richter, in 1911, attempted a more exotic origin, proposing that word condom’s precursor was the Persian kondü or kendü, which means an earthen grain-storage vessel. Thundy, attempting to finish what Kruck could not, finds conduma, a conjunction of con (with) and duma (dome) to be the likely, euphemistic ancestor of the word “condom”. Finally, Aine Collier, gives the word “condom” its most recent paternity test in her 2007 work, The Humble Little Condom proposes that condom is a bastardization of the Latin cumdum, which means “scabbard” or “sheath.

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