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The Tiny Nation of Sealand

The Tiny Nation of Sealand

Pirate radio, kidnapping, battles- the principality of Sealand has seen all of these things and more, despite only being a tiny micronation lying about 7 nautical miles the coast from Suffolk, England. What better place for a pirate radio station than at sea in international waters. However, once back home, the ousted Prime Minister of Sealand, Achenbach, setup the Sealand Rebel Government, as a “government in exile” and the true rulers of Sealand. Sealand participates in various sporting events, often with athletes from various nations volunteering to represent the nation. In 2000, Sealand became home to HavenCo – a data hosting services company with Michael Bates listed as one of the directors of the company.

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