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The Truth About Julius Caesar and \"Caesarean\" Sections

The Truth About Julius Caesar and \"Caesarean\" Sections

Myth: The Caesarean section procedure ultimately derives its name from Julius Caesar, who is often (falsely) claimed to have been the first baby born via Caesarean. The Suda, a Byzantine-Greek historical encyclopaedia, is one of the earliest records citing Caesar as the namesake of the Caesarean section, stating,The emperors of the Romans receive this name from Julius Caesar, who was not born. The second point that The Suda gets wrong is on Caesar’s mother- she did not die in childbirth. After all, both “Julius” and “Caesar” were family names— and, indeed, the first to bear the Caesar name in his lineage was named Numerius Julius Caesar. Once again, as Emperor Julius Caesar wasn’t the first to go by this name, if this is the true origin, it did not come about because he had a full head of hair at birth.

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