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Why Cryonics Makes Sense — Wait But Why

Why Cryonics Makes Sense — Wait But Why

Here are the steps:Step 1) Pick a companyThere are four major companies that provide cryonics services—Alcor in Arizona, Cryonics Institute (CI) in Michigan, American Cryonics Society (ACS) in California, and KrioRus in Russia. Step 6) Cool off ASAP and get transferred to the cryonics facilityAfter you’re declared legally dead, the cryonics team will, ideally, immediately get going. The concept of info death makes sense when we compare the brain to a computer’s hard drive. In the ideal situation, your heart stops and before any changes happen in your brain, you’re stabilized and put on ice. The theory is that with enough future technology, you’ll one day be revivable.

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